Press Release — marzo 9, 2017

Pruitt’s Latest Environment Claim Illustrates Trump Administration’s Continued War on Our Health, Livelihood and Families

Washington, DC — In a latest string of attacks on the environment and other related justice issues, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told CNBC today he does not consider carbon dioxide a primary cause of global warming. In addition, he would like Congress to discuss if the EPA should or should not regulate CO2 as a pollutant.

In response to this and other continued attacks from the Administration, Pastor Leo Woodbury, the Kingdom Living Temple (part of the faith and environmental justice contingent organizing within the People’s Climate Movement), Aura Vasquez, Director of Climate Justice and Paul Getsos, Coordinator of the Peoples Climate Movement issued the following statements:

Woodbury: “People can choose to believe anything including that the earth is flat, however for the people who suffer the impact of carbon emissions, weather-related disasters and illness, climate change is real.”

Vasquez: “Hearing the EPA administrator deny that carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming is nothing short of an atrocity. This basic fact is at the heart of all of our efforts to stop the devastation of climate change. Denying the science of this reality will impact millions of people on the front lines of a dangerously changing climate, especially low-income communities and communities of color.”

Getsos: “Gutting Clean Power Plan rules along with proposed cuts to the EPA illustrates the Trump Administration’s continued commitment to dismantling progress made by the United States addressing environmental justice issues. The Clean Power Plan is a critical first step to addressing climate change and moving our country to a new clean and renewable energy economy that curbs global warming while creating family sustaining jobs in growing industries.”

The Peoples Climate Movement is hosting a March for Climate, Jobs and Justice, on April 29, will bring together thousands of people around the country in Washington DC to tell the Trump Administration and Congress to do their jobs and protect our planet, our communities and transition to a renewable energy future.



Sharon Singh,; 202.499.9565; @spksingh
Paul Getsos,; 646.732.0041